An orange blue summer with Chanel, By Terry and Lancaster


Pantone  has chosen Rose quartz and Serenity (a light shade of blue) as the colors of the year; but in my opinion, summer calls for more flashy tones.
Hereafter my proposals to light up your summer with the brightest shades of blue and orange; indeed, according to Vogue, orange is one of the trendy colors of the summer, while blue is an always fashionable timeless classic.


Les vernis ChanelIt’s up to Chanel the task to lighten up our nails of blue and orange, with two long-lasting polishes of its latest collection Les Vernis.
The blue one is called Mariniere N° 516, here is a review, while the orange one is Espadrilles N° 534, and it comes in a limited edition. Also Espadrilles proves once again the quality of these new re-formulated polish from Chanel. And why not, you can also use the two nuances together, as in this pic.



terribly-by-terryThe bold ones amongst you may go for a blue lipstick, like Mac Lipstick – MATTE ROYALE by M.A.C., however, for my lips I have opted for a more classic orange. Thus my lipstick is N° 200 Frenetic Vermillion by LaRouge Terrybly by Terry. This lipstick is very opaque and pigmented, and because of its creamy texture, you won’t need a pencil to define its borders. What is more, besides being easy to apply, it also boasts an anti-ageing element.

The Sunscreen

Lancaster SunLancaster Comfort Touch Cream SPF 50 is as well bicolor, but this time the orange and blue is only on its packaging. The cream is the usual white and is based on Lancaster patented Infrared Technology which pledges to protect us from any type of solar radiation.

It comes in a rich creamy texture, although it is not very easy to apply, as it conveys the impression that it dries up quickly on our face while we are still spreading it.
This downside is quickly forgotten as its virtues come up: no more of that unpleasant whitish layer on our faces and, most of all, our skin is actually protected.
With this sunscreen, you can say goodbye to solar rash and sunburns.

The bathing suit in the picture is “Milly”, by Petit Bateau.


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