Shiseido Deodorant Natural Spray: a deodorant that works !

Shiseido deodorantThe task of a good deodorant is to prevent unpleasant smell from our armpits, which is the result of perspiration. My ideal deodorant should be unscented, should last the whole day and, above all, it should be effective.

Shiseido Deodorant Natural Spray can satisfy all of my requirements…

The root cause of unpleasant smell

Everyone has got their own preferred deodorant as everyone has got a different type of perspiration and not everyone has got the same type of issues related to unpleasant armpit odors. For everybody of us though, the root cause of the bad smell is the same.
The responsible is not our sweat, as we may tend to think, rather some bacteria living in it. And it’s in our armpits that those bacteria find a particularly conducive environment, which then generates those unpleasant whiffs. This problem is clearly accentuated during summertime, when higher temperatures increase perspiration. During this season, a good deodorant turns out to be an almost indispensable cosmetic product. Besides keeping ourselves properly clean, in order to avoid the bacteria proliferation that leads to bad odors, a good deodorant is the only product that can help to keep the situation under control.

Different types of deodorants

There are basically three different types of deodorant out there. The scented ones, that aim at just covering bad smells. The antiperspirant, whose goal is to try to block perspiration, and finally you have those deodorant that are able to neutralize the bacterial flora, without interfering with our natural perspiration process.
Scented deodorant are generally just a stopgap, as soon as their scent is gone, the nasty whiffs come back again. In some extreme cases, these deodorants can make the problem worse, as their fragrances mix up with our bodily smell, and the combination is even more unpleasant.
The antiperspirants can be a good solution for those individuals with a substantial level of perspiration; but yet, they may not be ideal as they get in the way of our sweat glands by forming a barrier that prevents sweat from coming out.
The ideal solution for people with a regular amount of perspiration are those deodorant that work on the bacteria in it, as they do not interfere with any natural processes, but rather keep odors at bay by taking action on the bacterial flora.

Shiseido DeodorantShiseido Deodorant Natural spray

Shiseido Deodorant Natural spray is part of this latter group, and in my experience is the best deodorant I have ever tried. Its secret is the “scent neutralizing system”, an innovative mix resulting from years of advanced chemical research that, according to Shiseido, is able to control bodily smells. This deodorant has got an extremely delicate, almost indiscernible, scent. Despite its alcohol content, it doesn’t irritate the skin; even of freshly shaven armpits, it causes no discomfort. Its light scent persists for the whole day, in a discreet way, neutralizing bad smells without getting in the way of the perfume I am using. Even in those days when perspiration is larger than usual or while doing sport, armpit’s scent remains under control.
Here below the INCI:


In a nutshell: Shiseido Deodorant Natural Spray has been my deodorant for years. Whenever I have tried to change it, I have faced appalling results. It is indeed the only product that can truly control armpit smells in an effective and long-lasting way. In the past, there has been only one other product that had been able to give me comparable results; I am talking about a deodorant of Biotherm, that has been regrettably discontinued a few years back.

I really hope for Shiseido not to follow suit, this time I could be really upset.





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