Fall 2016: Chanel and Dior nail polish limited editions

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Nails varnished with dark or red polish, these are the trends of fall 2016, well represented by two polishes that stand out among all other collections, both coming as limited editions: Skyline 848 by Dior and Rouge Radical by Chanel.

Skyline by Dior

Skyline 848 Dior

This polish is named after the collection created for fall 2016 by Dior’s make-up artist Peter Philips. A collection that comes with 4 polishes in classic shades, with Skyline standing out for its peculiarities.

Its a polish with an intense hue halfway between bordeaux and brown, almost a mahogany with a brilliant finish. A very sophisticated nuance, well suited for a classic look, but with a dark touch.
Its brown color is drenched in red shades, but once it has been applied, it is its dark side that shows off the most. Like all “Dior Vernis”, also Skyline has a “gel effect”, that results in very shiny nails once it dries up.

Chanel Rouge Radical

Chanel Rouge Radical

“Le Vernis Gloss rouge Radical” of Chanel gets noticed for its original formulation, rather than for its color. Part of its collection “Le Rouge Collection N° 1”, its a red-orange polish, with a jelly and shiny finish.
Rouge Radical’s formulation is indeed quite unusual, almost a jelly that gets solid as it dries up.

At first sight, I though of something similar to Rosy Glow of Dior, a sheer polish with a light red coverage, but Rouge Radical is actually something else. First of all its texture is that of jelly fluid, but the most amazing feature is its pigmentation: a stroke is enough for colorful nails.
Continuing with the application intensifies its color, that becomes shiny and homogenous once dry.
The intense red-orange hue remains anyhow somewhat sheer and it lasts for while; with the help of Chanel’s Gel Coat it lasted up to 6 days on my fingernails. Someone at Chanel suggested to use Rouge Radical also on top of another polish, to change its color.

In my opinion, this product works at its best when used alone; however, I have tried to apply it on other polishes of different colors.
On dark hues, results have been catastrophic, with lighter shades it was a partial success; in any cases, I don’t think this is the way Rouge Radical should be used.

Both Dior’s Skyline 848 and Chanel’s Rouge Radical are a limited edition, hurry up if you don’t wanna miss them…




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