Review: “O’Naturel” Olivia Palermo Beauty’s palette

After years of success in the fashion industry as a blogger, designer, and influencer, Olivia Palermo has decided to launch her own line of beauty products. The brand, Olivia Palermo Beauty, was launched in May 2021 and has joined the growing number of new brands that have crowded the beauty market in recent years.

The beauty industry has become an increasingly competitive sector, and many celebrities have decided to launch their own line of skincare, body care, and makeup products. There have been many success stories, such as Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line, which introduced a range of inclusive and innovative foundation shades to the market. Behind every beauty product line is a team of professionals who study the products, formulations, launch, and positioning. Olivia Palermo also relied on a team of experts by collaborating with Marie Claire Beauty Group for the launch of her line.

In her new beauty line, she has infused her own personal style. The brand features sober, refined, and elegant colors, and it has received excellent reviews for its quality. Palermo is known for her refined and minimalist style.

Her influence on fashion has grown steadily over the years and appeals to women of all ages. Her skill has been to create her own personal style by drawing from the best, mixing expensive and affordable clothing, and paying close attention to detail. Today, she is one of the most imitated fashion icons, with over 7 million followers on Instagram.

Olivia Palermo’s Beauty Line

Her beauty line includes: Prime Time Illuminating Serum, a brightening serum that can also be used as a primer; Pre-Show Mattifying Mist, a fixing and mattifying spray; three eyeshadow palettes in O’ Naturel, Regalia, and Soirée combinations; five lipsticks in the colors Santa Fe, Rosebud, Runway Rouge, Chianti, and Poppy; and two lip balms.

The Palette

I have tested the “O’Naturel Eyeshadow Palette” from the brand, which offers natural shades like beige and brown, with a discreet pop of color. The color selection makes it a versatile palette that’s suitable for creating everyday or sophisticated looks.

‘O’Naturel’ consists of six pans, including two shimmers, one satin, and three mattes. Here is the list of colors:

  • Seashell: a matte creamy white color
  • Cherry Mahogany: a deep, warm matte brown with a red undertone
  • Smoked Chestnut: a cool matte brown that’s reminiscent of candied chestnuts.
  • Desert Sand: a cool champagne satin color
  • Caldera Blue: a deep shimmering aquatic blue, with tones of green
  • Light Fawn: a shimmer champagne color.




The quality of the powders in the pans is excellent, with pigmented and smooth colors that provide long-lasting wear.

The shimmer and satin eyeshadows are particularly intense and luminous, giving a wet-like effect when applied. The texture is creamy, making it easy to apply and blend.

The matte eyeshadows are also well-pigmented and easily blendable without any powdery fallout. The buttery texture of these eyeshadows makes them suitable for use even on hooded or droopy eyelids.

Overall, the ease of application and the high-performance of these eyeshadows are undoubtedly the strengths of this product.



The packaging is truly a work of art, inspired by a vintage yellow gold bracelet owned by Palermo.

It is one of the most luxurious packaging options available, with meticulous attention to detail. The outer packaging, made of metal, is surprisingly heavy and adds to the luxurious feel. The inner part, which holds the pans and mirror, is made of high-quality plastic that perfectly matches the color of the metal. Overall, the product feels incredibly luxurious. The attention to detail and high-quality materials used make it a versatile accessory that can be used as both a makeup product and a luxury item to display and carry around.



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In conclusion, it’s clear that Olivia Palermo’s beauty line is characterized by high-quality products, great attention to detail, and a thoughtful approach to color selection. The O’ Naturel palette is a particularly versatile product that will appeal to many thanks to its range of colors. The stunning packaging elevates this product to a little gem that can be showcased and collected with pride.

Palette O'Naturel Olivia Palermo Beauty
  • Texture
  • Longevity
  • Pigmentation
  • Blending
  • Colors selection
  • Application
  • Packaging
The Good


Luxury packaging


The Bad

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