Asian trends: the konjac sponge

Following the trail of various cosmetic trends coming from the East, I began using the konjac sponge. But what is konjac and what is it used for? Here are explained the virtues of a tuber that helps to lose weight and gently exfoliate the skin.

konjac spongeWhat is konjac

Konjac is simply a tuber grown in Asia, known for producing a striking reddish flower. However, it is not the flower that drives its cultivation, but its root. The root of konjac is indeed highly valued for its nutritional virtues.

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The tuber, which can be eaten, is particularly appreciated for being low in calories, for its ability to reduce the sensation of hunger, and for its detoxifying properties. Konjac is indeed not only rich in fiber but also significantly increases its volume when in contact with water. This leads to the sensation of fullness that makes it particularly appreciated by those who want to go on a diet and lose weight. One of the main uses of konjac, therefore, is dietary. From its root, transformed into powder or gelatinous blocks to be cut, are made crackers, pasta, and shirataki, the classic oriental noodles. It is also found in gelatinous blocks

The sponge for cosmetic use

But the virtues of Konjac are also appreciated by the cosmetic industry. With the fibers of this root, cleansing facial sponges are created, which have the characteristic of being very hard when dry and extremely soft once wet. Konjac sponges are excellent for gently cleansing and exfoliating the skin, making them a great beauty ally. The secret to beautiful skin lies primarily in proper cleansing. Asian women are well aware of this, combining the double cleansing method with this sponge to achieve porcelain-like skin.

How to Use

The use of this sponge is very simple. It should be wet with warm water until it softens. Then, apply a small amount of your favorite facial cleanser and proceed to wash your face with gentle circular movements. After use, the sponge should be rinsed and left to air dry to prevent bacteria from proliferating inside. It will become hard again, but just wet it for its next use. Generally, the advice is to replace it every two months.

Which Konjac Sponge to Choose

Various types of Konjac sponges are available on the market. The classic sponge is white in color and is suitable for all skin types, including the delicate skin of children. Then there are the pink sponge, enriched with pink clay, recommended for sensitive skin; the red sponge, with red clay suitable for dry skin; the green sponge enriched with green clay ideal for normal to combination skin; and the black sponge with natural charcoal indicated for oily and acne-prone skin.

Kiko and Sephora sponges are easily available on the market. Sephora also offers a black version of the sponge. The sponge can also be found in drugstores, or online.


My Product Trial

The first time I used the konjac sponge, it didn’t strike me as particularly remarkable. It felt nice on my face, but I didn’t sense that it was effectively exfoliating the skin. However, once I dried my face, I felt the sensation of cleaner skin than usual, and after a few weeks of use, I noticed an improvement in the skin’s texture. My overall assessment of its use is very positive.. I used the white version of this sponge, both the one produced by Kiko and the one produced by Sephora. With both, exfoliation occurred very gently and without irritating the skin in any way. With consistent use, I have really found benefits in terms of cleanliness, with a slight reduction in blackheads and in terms of skin texture, which appears smoother.


The konjac sponge is a facial cleansing tool that brings numerous advantages: first and foremost, it is entirely plant-based and biodegradable. Secondly, it has a truly gentle exfoliating effect, making it particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Furthermore, its use stimulates facial microcirculation, refines the skin’s texture, and reduces the formation of blackheads. Lastly, its cost is very affordable.
This sponge, when paired with the double cleansing technique, can ensure impeccable facial cleansing. And it’s known that the secret to beautiful skin starts with deep cleanliness…




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