Goodbye Naked: the cult palette exits the scene

After eight years since its debut, a beauty cult product exits the scene. It is the famous Naked palette by Urban Decay, the mother of all nude palettes as we know them today. Urban Decay has announced that they will discontinue the production of the original Naked palette and to make the decision official, they have also produced a cute video starring Nicole Richie.

With its twelve natural-tone colors, the Naked palette can boast numerous imitation attempts. Since its debut in 2010, it has become an essential piece for all beauty addicts and has launched a trend that is still in vogue. Its enormous success is attributed not only to the color selection but also to the excellent quality of the powders. The eyeshadows of the entire Naked line stand out, in fact, both for their color rendering and hold.


Urban Decay’s decision to end production of the original Naked palette has garnered disapproval from many fans. This disapproval further highlights the success of this palette, which has sold over thirty million units.


After the original Naked palette came Naked 2, Naked 3, Naked Smoky, and Naked Heat, not to mention Naked Basics, Naked2 Basics, and Naked Ultimate Basics.

Meanwhile, between playful videos and Instagram campaigns announcing its departure, Urban Decay is preparing to launch the latest addition to the series: Naked Cherry. This new palette will soon be available on the market and is already promising another sales success with its cherry tones.

Those who do not yet own the Naked palette should hurry up and buy it. It is already on sale on the Urban Decay USA website. Who knows, maybe the discounts will also come to Europe.


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