Very Wonder: the new frontier of personalized stationery

The new frontier of stationery lies in customization, and two young sisters who have combined their skills to create the brand Very Wonder are pioneers of this new trend. Chiara, an expert in marketing, and Silvia, a versatile artist, have created an atelier that produces dream-worthy stationery items and unique pieces that reflect your ideas and personality.

Despite the digital age we live in, traditional stationery is far from going out of fashion. Just take a stroll through high-end shopping malls in major cities around the world to see how the industry has diversified and offers luxury and trendy stationery items. Stationery is increasingly sought after, well-crafted and has its own underlying concept.

Today, however, exclusive collections are surpassed by a new concept promoted by two young dreamers, Silvia and Chiara. Through their studio-atelier, Very Wonder, they are able to create personalized stationery items that reflect your ideas and personality.


In the usual white wedding invitation, would you like to replace it with one that has your favorite design on it? Or do you want to offer original watercolors as favors that tell something about you? Today, it’s possible. You can create customized notebooks, agendas for your company, birth announcements for your baby, and special and original birthday invitations. All unique and exclusive creations.

With Very Wonder, you will have an artist at your disposal who will tell your story on your stationery, office supplies, or prints.

Silvia and Chiara, whom I have known since birth (we are cousins), are the promoters of this new concept. The walls of my house are adorned with some of Silvia’s works that I proudly display. Yes, I’m her fan.

Believe me when I say that, unfortunately, not all of my relatives receive such praise. These two young women are expressions of creativity but also of talent, professionalism, and accuracy. They put extreme care and attention into what they do, always putting themselves in the shoes of those who will receive their creations. They have a maniacal control over the choice of paper, the precision of printing, and the care of packaging. They also pay attention to the safety of their customers. For this reason, for payments made through their website, they use the PayPal circuit. Every detail is important to them, just as the artistic creation of a unique and original design is. Their Instagram feed, which Chiara updates regularly, is also very beautiful.

The strength of Very Wonder is undoubtedly the customization of stationery, but on the website, you can also find themed items that have the common thread of the travel theme. The three available collections are: Traveler’s Corner, Italian vibes, and Southern Italy. They consist of postcards, prints, block notes, and notebooks made with the watercolor technique in a limited edition.

Exclusive news: for bullet journal enthusiasts, big news is coming. Take a look at their website.

So if you want to give your event a unique and unmistakable touch, you can do so with the support of Very Wonder: an artistic studio, capable of putting your ideas on paper and going beyond thanks to professionalism and creativity. All you have to do is contact them.



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