Spring obsession: Tom Ford Pussycat


Did you ever have that feeling, when you get obsessed with something ? That stubborn idea that only that color can give us that particular “allure” ? And then you try to change it and you keep going back to that same old one, because nothing else works ? Because you only like what you see in the mirror when you have that color on ? Not just any similar color, but only that particular one ? Well, my fixation, or rather obsession, in the month of May has been a matt mauve lipstick. It’s called Pussycat and is part of Tom Ford Beauty’s Lip color collection.
If anything marked this past spring for me, it’s been this pink lipstick with its cold background color. And indeed, pink, in all its possible shades, is the color of this season.
In my eyes, the nicest variation on the tones of pink is mauve and Pussycat, with its semi-matt finish, is just perfect in this sense.
I had seen several people wearing this lipstick, each of them having their own complexion, and for all of them that color had that “just right” look, and all of them looked so chic while wearing it… that’s how my obsession got started.

Pussycat by Tom Ford

swatch-pussycatPussycat’s shade of pink is neither too dark, nor too light, its brightness being just right, making it the perfect mauve pink.
It is my ideal lipstick for a day-time make-up, but it can also be used in a different context if you want, for instance, to make a heavy eyes maquillage easier to wear.
And its color is not the only thing I love in Pussycat Lip Color Matte. It has a wonderful pigmentation, so that you won’t need more than one layer to achieve your ideal result. It is also easy to apply and it can do its job for up to 5 hours without dribbling.
What’s more, it comes with a pleasant vanilla scent, that makes its creamy texture even more pleasant to apply, and it doesn’t dry up on your lips, as other matt lipsticks tend to do.
I would recommend this lipstick’s many virtues to anyone, with me it’s really been love at first sight !



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