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Less than a year since the launch of the new Dior Backstage line, and the range of products offered is already expanding. The eye palettes have now expanded to three, with a new color recently available: 03 Amber. But what is the quality of these palettes?


The Dior Backstage collection

Launched in May 2018, The Dior Backstage collection is an extensive range of products for eye makeup, complexion, and lips. The line includes::

  • The Dior Backstage line includes:
    • Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation, for face and body, a true highlight of the range available in 40 shades;
    • Dior Backstage Contour Palette, a palette for contouring;
    • Dior Backstage Brow Palette, two palettes for eyebrows;
    • 13 Dior Backstage brushes;
    • Dior Backstage Lip Palette, which contains nine concentrated lipsticks in pan;
    • Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette, a palette of 4 highlighters;
    • Dior Backstage Eye Palette, eye shadow palettes; and
    • Backstage Eye Primer, an eye primer in a jar.

The line is completed by some classics already present in Dior’s makeup range, such as: Dior Contour Universel, a transparent pencil for drawing lip contours; Lip Sugar Scrub, an exfoliating and nourishing stick; the highly appreciated Dior Lip Glow, a moisturizing lip balm; Fix It concealers; Diorskin Rosy Glow blush…..


Photo credits @diormakeup

The Dior Backstage Eye Palettes have received contrasting opinions. In particular, some have complained about the lack of originality of the colors, which, in my opinion, is actually the strength of the palettes.

We are used to cosmetic launches practically every month and we always expect a palette that amazes us, but the Dior Backstage palettes, although they don’t make makeup lovers scream “Wow” for Instagram-worthy effects, are versatile and easy-to-use palettes with wearable colors. These are palettes that can be used every day, with a correct application and eyeshadows that guarantee good durability, especially thanks to the excellent accompanying primer.

The Dior Backstage palettes

The three color options offered are:

001 Warm Neutrals with nude shades in beige, ochre, and brown;  002 Cool Neutrals with pink tones, featuring mauve, plum pink, and lilac shades; and the new arrival, 003 Amber Neutrals, with warmer shades of orange-brown, sienna, and red.

Each palette contains 9 pans of eyeshadow, divided as follows:

3 satin eyeshadows

3 matte eyeshadows

1 highlighter

1 transitional blush

1 primer.

The colors in each palette combine perfectly with each other. The different finishes of the pans allow for the creation of a wide variety of makeup looks, from more subtle to more sophisticated and intense tones. The primer included in each palette is very practical and guarantees good performance of the blush.

The primer was the real surprise of these palettes for me. It was the product I used the most. I also tested it with eyeshadows from other brands and it always provided superior hold for over 10 hours, without losing intensity and brightness of the colors.

It should be noted, however, that the eyeshadows’ hold is not as good without the primer’s support. The colors show signs of fading after about six hours.




Eyeshadows quality

The eyeshadow texture of these palettes is a bit powdery. While this does not compromise the application of the eyeshadows, it does cause the primer pan to shift. The final result of the eyeshadows is good for both matte and satin colors, with the highlighter pan yielding a medium result. The blushes blend easily and, thanks to the color combinations, they blend perfectly together. The application is simple, and the product is easy to work with. The lighter colors are less pigmented than the others. Of the three palettes, the 003 Amber Neutrals performs better in terms of intensity and luminosity, thanks to the color selection of the pans..

Photo credits @diormakeup

All three palettes are versatile and can be used with various skin tones. Choosing any of the three does not run the risk of being wrong.. The 002 Cool Neutrals palette has cooler tones, but it can also work well on individuals with warm, golden undertones.



Comparison with the old palettes from the line

Personally, I preferred the packaging of the old Backstage line palettes, although I must admit that the new format is much more practical. The new packaging makes the colors inside visible, and the square shape is easier to handle and transport. From a convenience standpoint, a point goes to the new version: nine product pans compared to the six in the previous version, even though the difference in quantity is minimal. The old version claimed 9.4 g of product, while the new one has 10 g. The optical effect created by the shape of the pans certainly suggests a more substantial increase.

On the eyeshadow front, I find that the color combination and texture combination of the new version are better. Although I appreciate the presence of primer in the new version, which as mentioned, ensures excellent wear, I found the inclusion of an eyeliner pan in the old version’s palette to be excellent. Having one less color in the new palettes in favor of an eyeliner is something I would have preferred.


In conclusion:

I don’t agree with those who criticize the palettes for having unoriginal color choices. In my opinion, the Dior Backstage Eye Palettes are designed specifically for everyday use. The color selection is carefully curated to ensure that the palettes are versatile and unlikely to be left unused. All three palettes offer colors that are suitable for creating both simple and sophisticated makeup looks, making them suitable for both work and special occasions.

While the palettes may not offer extremely bold or bright colors, this is intentional and suits their purpose as practical and easy-to-wear palettes. They are ideal for people who prefer understated makeup looks that are effortless to create. The quality of the eyeshadows is excellent, and the practical packaging makes them easy to carry around. Additionally, the combination of different textures ensures that you can create a wide range of makeup looks.






Palette Dior Backstage
  • Texture
  • Durata
  • Pigmentazione degli ombretti
  • Sfumabilità degli ombretti
  • Scelta dei colori
  • applicazione
The Good

palette usabile tutti i giorni

packaging pratico

The Bad

fard leggermente polverosi

colori chiari poco scriventi

ottimo il primer contenuto all'interno


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