Review: Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion

Diorskin Forever Cushion

Cushion-shaped foundations are a very popular Korean trend, that is becoming more and more successful due to its easiness of application. It is about a liquid foundation that can be applied using the included “sponge” soaked in the product. It’s something very convenient and easy to carry and utilize: the foundation doesn’t spill out of the packaging although it is liquid, as it is blocked by the cushion.
On the flip side, the quantity of product in this kind of packaging is often pretty limited, generally not more than 15 ml, that is, about half of the quantity contained in an average fluid foundation. Usually, I have never had a good relationship with cushion foundation. I used to find them either too glossy or with poor coverage and, generally speaking, they don’t last very long. And then, I discovered Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion, the new foundation of Dior.

Texture, shades and compositions

Inci Diorskin Forever Cushion
Diorskin Perfect Cushion
, comes in a round packaging that holds the sponge to apply the foundation and, under a lid, a cushion soaked in the product. The texture of Diorskin is relatively fluid, although less so than most of the other liquid foundations. The fluid is slightly scented. After its application, it leaves that “zero material” feeling, as they would say in French. When it comes to shades, there are 6 on offer; I have taken the 030 Medium Beige, same name and number of Diorskin Forever liquid version. This shade is the best fit for my complexion, although it comes with a slightly pink undertone, when compared to the liquid version. Obviously, we are not talking about the same product packaged in a “cushion” version, but of another product in the same line. That is evident when we compare the INCIs and when we look at the swatches; besides that, the cushion version take a little longer to dry up.


Swatches Diorskin Forever
Diorskin Forever Cushion is applied using the sponge that comes along with the cushion; with respect to Diorskin Forever, the liquid foundation of the same product line, it comes across as something with a bit less coverage and a lighter texture; nonetheless, it is one of the foundations with the fullest coverage, amongst the “cushion” ones currently on the market. Only Teint Idole Ultra Cushion by Lancome can give you more coverage, but it is not quite as long-lasting as Diorskin Forever Cushion, which is the longest lasting one, amongst those I tested. It can stay on virtually the whole day long, although probably less than the 16 hours claimed by Dior; I have personally managed up to 8-9 hours, before being in need of a touch-up. Still, that puts it on the very top of the ranking, with many other cushion foundations I tried being virtually gone after 4 hours.

Finish and performance

Also when it comes to its finish, this foundation plays in a different league than most of the other cushion foundations. These latter are usually light, with light coverage and glow-oriented. On the contrary, Diorskin Forever Cushion has a matt finish, with a very natural final effect, although a bit lighter than the Diorskin Forever liquid version.
That is, Diorskin Forever Cushion doesn’t have the coverage you need to hide skin’s imperfections; to do that, you would need to use a concealer. Nonetheless, Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion will give a smooth look to your skin and won’t get glossy during the day. My personal suggestion is to use blotting powder to better fix it, smoothen the face and obtain a longer lasting effect. Last but least, Diorskin Forever Cushion comes with sunlight protection factor 35, which in my opinion is great benefit.


Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion is a product with a texture that caters to different types of skin. Its coverage is medium overall, but pretty high amongst other cushion foundations. It ranks quite high also from the performance point of view, being one of the longest lasting products I have ever tried, in its category.  It is suitable to those who appreciate a natural finish; for those in need of a fuller coverage of skin’s imperfections, it might not be enough. In a case like this, it might be used in combination with Diorskin Forever liquid, if you need a touch-up during the day.
Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion is my choice when it comes to cushion foundations.




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