Les Beiges, the new foundation by Chanel

Les beiges chanel
Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

As of January 15th, the new Chanel foundation Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation has become available. After having tested it over four days, here below my first impressions.

Les Beiges by Chanel is a foundation with a creamy texture that provides a good coverage all while giving the impression of a natural, make-up free skin. I have tried color #30, enriched with hyaluronic acid and with sunlight protection SPF 25. The numbering of these foundations is aligned with the powders of the same line of products.

Fondotinta Les Beiges di Chanel
Les Beiges by Chanel

Les Beiges comes in a glass bottle equipped with a dispenser; I need two doses to cover my face entirely. It is easy to apply it with a brush to obtain a matt, but at the same time glowy coverage. Once applied, you will forget about it. Les Beiges gets quickly absorbed, leaving you with the impression of not having applied any products on your skin. This is a characteristics that not many foundations can boast. On top, it has a good coverage and it makes a good job when it comes to covering skin’s redness and imperfections. It lasts quite long, with just some touch-ups by the end of the day.

INCI Les Beiges di Chanel
INCI  Les Beiges by Chanel

Skin stays glowy but not glossy after the application, however, I believe this foundation might not be suitable for each and every skin, just because it dries up so quickly after application. On the other hand, I noticed my skin was a bit dry as well after a while and felt the need for some hydration during the day, even when I tried it with a stronger cream as a basis. My impression is that it is more suitable for a normal or a combination skin, nevertheless, I will try it out again during summertime, to check out its ability to deal with skin perspiration and to control the ensuing glossy look.

Les Beiges di Chanel N°30
Les Beiges di Chanel N°30

My conclusions: it’s a good foundation, glowy, with great coverage and a natural finish. Mostly indicated for combination skins, for its tendency to dry up rapidly after application.



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