Fava bean soup: for achieving beautiful skin and getting a good source of protein


What if the secret to beautiful skin lies in broad beans? These legumes, in addition to being healthy, can be a real beauty ally. They contain many vitamins, including vitamin A, which among other functions helps to make the skin more luminous. But broad beans, also known as ‘the poor man’s meat’, have many other beneficial properties. Firstly, they have a high protein content, making them an essential source of protein in a vegetarian diet.

Broad beans, protein and calories

The protein content of broad beans is quite high. According to the table of the Vegetarian Nutrition Society, 100 grams of fresh broad beans would provide between 5 and 6 grams of protein, depending on whether they are cooked or raw, while 100 grams of dried broad beans would provide as much as 27 grams of protein. Dried broad beans have the same protein content as 100 grams of red meat.

Broad beans are also rich in iron, vitamins, and minerals, but low in fat. One hundred grams of fresh broad beans have a very low calorie content, around 80 calories. The fact that this legume gives a feeling of satiety makes it a real ally for those who are mindful of their weight.

The virtues of broad beans

Consuming broad beans has not only nutritional benefits, but also other advantages. Broad beans stimulate diuresis and, thanks to the fiber they contain, they promote intestinal function and lower ‘bad’ cholesterol. In addition, their consumption would increase the production of dopamine, improving our mood. They contain potassium and magnesium, but above all vitamins such as vitamin B and vitamin A (retinol), a great friend of the skin. In short, this legume seems to be a true panacea, provided, however, that one does not suffer from favism, a condition that makes broad beans dangerous if ingested.

The recipe

Fava bean soup

The fava bean recipe we propose is by Giulia. We recommend it not only as a dish to enjoy, but also as a true beauty treatment. Enhancing the action of our usual beauty mask by consuming food that provides essential vitamins for skin regeneration, such as vitamin A, may not be a bad idea.

So here is the recipe for our friend Giulia’s fava bean velouté:

250g shelled fava beans
1 sweet potato 1 carrot
1 onion water as needed milk (rice milk)
oil pepper
pecorino cheese


Shell the broad beans. Peel the sweet potato and carrot, wash and cut them into small pieces. Coarsely chop the onion. Boil all the vegetables in a pot for 20 minutes with oil, salt, and pepper. Remove from heat and blend everything together. To give more consistency to the soup, add some milk (or alternatively, rice milk) and cook for another 10 minutes on low heat. Serve with a few fresh broad beans roasted in the oven and grated pecorino cheese.



Recipe suggested by:

Giulia is a traveler. She has lived in Italy and Germany before moving to Australia. She fluently speaks three languages and lives in a multi-ethnic and multicultural environment. She enjoys experimenting with various recipes that she learns from her many friends from diverse countries.


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