Burberry makeup: Nude Blush palette e Rosewood Lip Velvet

Burberry Makeup

It took me a while, but eventually I managed to give a try to Burberry’s cosmetics. I chose an eye palette from their permanent collection, N° 12 Nude Blush, and a rosewood lipstick of the Lip Velvet collection. I had always read great reviews about this brand, and after testing them myself, I can now confirm they were not lying.


The nude blush palette


Swatches palette Nude Blush BurberryThe Nude Blush N°12 by Burberry contains 4 eye-shadows on the tones of rose.
Its darkest is a lightly shimmering one, that tends towards the eggplant. Next comes a light matt mauve, which is just right to fade and intensify the inside of the eye. I personally see this particularly indicated for those among you with green eyes. The third color is a warm coppery rose, which is my favorite one. I have often used it on its own, on the whole eye-lid. Last, but not least, a classic nude beige eye-shadow, with a rose background.
All the four of them are easy to apply, with that creamy texture that makes them easy to use, as opposed to the dusty feeling of other eye-shadows.
And all colors have a good covering effect with a medium-good duration, although it is true that the first two tend to lose part of their shine by the end of the day. This doesn’t happen to the coppery rose, and this earns it a note of commendation, as it was still intact after an entire day.

Lip Velvet Lipstick in Rosewood

Lip velvet Burberry

It’s been love at first sight with the lipstick, I could immediately sense its texture and pigmentation, even before trying it on.  And indeed, all expectations have been fulfilled.
I am told that Burberry has just completed a reformulation of its lipsticks. I can’t make any comparisons to the old version, but I must admit this newer one is really good. The lipstick has a good duration, roundabout 3 to 4 hours, which seems to be due to its extremely buttery texture for a velvet lipstick. In facts, it’s one of the most comfortable Velvets I have ever used, it doesn’t give that dry feeling on the lips, it rather seem to add volume.

dupe Lip velvet BurberryLet’s give a look at its color, which is quite similar to other two lipsticks I have: Pure Envy Color by Estée Lauder in Intense Nude 130 and Kiko Intensely Lavish 02 limited edition 2015. When compared to those two, Lip Velvet by Burberry comes up as more intense and pigmented.

Conclusion: I am actually satisfied by my first experience with Burberry makeup. I appreciate its color schemes, not only for those two product I tested. I love its sleek packaging and, first and foremost, I find they are good quality products. So far, I focused on Lip Velvet, but I am soon going to try out other colors. Burberry makeup has got itself another fan.



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